Influencer Marketing For Real Estate Business – Best Practices.

influencer marketing for real estate
influencer marketing for real estate investors: introduction

Influencer marketing is a tуре оf mаrkеting where you employ the services of people with a significant amount of influence to help promote your brand to a very large audience. Lifestyle bloggers, local entrepreneurs and celebrities are examples of influencers.

By using influencers to share your content rather than you personally interacting with your audience, you’ll be able to access a larger audience that you’d be incapable of reaching without being an influencer yourself. Using influencers almost always has a success rate in real estate and is a generally new technique in the industry.

When your content reaches a larger audience more than your normal target, your brand presence is registered in people’s minds on a much larger scale, in turn giving your business a significant boost and setting you up as the expert in your industry.

However, the disadvantage of influencer marketing is its penchant to exceed the target set particularly if you don’t have a thought-out plan. These are some tiрѕ that can help you optimize influencer marketing:

  • Get to know your influencer – For your campaign to be effective, ensure that you understand your influencer and their target audience. According to, influencers should be treated like the media, by furnishing them with a pitch that’s specific to their brand and their audience. Develop a relationship with your brand influencers to help you be certain that they’ll create the right kind of sponsored content for your brand.
  • Provide targeted and quality content – Providing your influencer with top notch and targeted content can help build your brand presence and expertise in the industry.

"..In an age where anyone can become an advertiser, we are more skeptical than ever about our online activity and purchases. It has been reported that 96% of people believe the advertising industry does not act with integrity, with 69% of these people attributing their mistrust to the advertisers’ desire to sell more effectively.
With this in mind, we look to our friends and trusted sources for recommendations and advice, as well as for guidance on purchases. In fact, 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference." Machielle Thomas - BlueHost Blog

Prepare an Effective Communications Plan

The secret to effective influencer marketing is strategy and preparation. Following are some ԛuеѕtiоnѕto guide you in crafting a plan most suited to your real estate business and brand needs.

  • What is your target? What do you need influencer marketing for? Do you need it for your website’s launch, or to advertise a new listing? Know your ultimate target and create your strategy around it. Putting all these in place will ensure that you achieve maximum ROI.
  • Who is your audience? You must know your influencer’s audience, as well as their insights, to help you craft targeted content that will grab their attention and pique their interest.
  • What is the best type of content for your campaign? Will your audience be more responsive to educational content, or will fun, fresh content be a better fit? Will it be formal or interactive? Will you use text or just use beautiful photos to pass your message?
  • Who are your influencers? Identifying the type оf аudiеnсе you want to reach will help you determine the influencers that will be most suited to your marketing campaign. Are baby boomers the target of your campaign? Young families? Bachelors and spinsters? Influencers are most likely followed by individuals who can relate with the lifestyle they showcase, and so knowing your target audience is a way to shortlist the list of influencers you have. After narrowing down your list, vet your candidates. Which influencer has the most relevance? Which one has the highest potential for reach? Basically, which influencer is the perfect fit for your campaign?
  • How do you want them to present your brand to their audience? Let the campaign brief include how you want your brand and business shown. Given that influencers can shape conversations about your brand and dictate trends, it’s important to determine your brand’s image to ensure it’s perceived in a good way by your audience.

If used right, influencer marketing can elevate your brand and real estate business to extraordinary levels.