About Us

“I wake up every morning and think to myself, ‘how far can I push this company in the next 24 hours.’” – Leah Busque

Everything started in the summer 2005 when the company founder, Amro Hanafy decided to try his luck in home-based business. Many failures followed until he decided that “you can only scratch your body with your own nail”. Everything started to change when he enrolled in an SEO online training course by WebCEO.

…But, since the founder's main concern was to provide a TRUE value to his customers, everything became easy. Finally, Emultify was born!

He decided to learn SEO and apply it to his father’s “online stamps selling” business on eBay. In less than 2 months, 4 of his listings were on the first page of Google, and sales were nearly doubled. Wow!!.

“So, what stops us from adding to this knowledge and apply it to other online business fields?”

Actually, many things did stop him from that, but, when the stamp selling business was flourishing and a two-man effort was very limited, the idea of incorporating a company officially arouse. At first, the aim was stamp selling, but soon enough, the SEO knowledge of the founder pushed him again to use it and utilize it in the growing business. With many new techniques emerging, many old ones were obsolete or even became black-hat, the need for creating an expert team was demanding.

The choice of this team with nearly 14 years of experience was very difficult. But, since the founder’s main concern was to provide a TRUE value to his customers, everything became easy. Finally, Emultify was born!

But, many companies are there in the space providing good online marketing services, so what makes this startup UNIQUE?. The idea popped up in his mind and he found that the best thing, is to provide an ultimate business-in-a-box solution to the client. Emultify simply takes the client’s hand to success. You only need to have a business idea, and then, everything afterward is taken care of. Do you want to know more? Get your questions answered.

Our Vision

We envision that all businesses will upgrade their systems and that every business venture has taken advantage of the features of digital marketing. From large-scale businesses to new enterprises, everyone should be a part of the digital world. We continuously improve and find innovative ways to reach more customers and in more locations. With this, we see our future as the leading digital marketing provider.


Our task is to provide the best digital marketing services that entail comprehensive and versatile services to our customers. We work with our clients and we have the expertise, strategies, and tools to make sure we deliver streamlined solutions to your company. As it is all-inclusive we ensure our digital marketing strategies are up-to-date and adaptable to any changes in the market. Be rest assured that we provide complete customer support in all our services.


“Amro and his team are great SEO guys who know in-depth SEO. They are one of the best in the SEO game. I highly recommend them for all complex and competitive SEO. Thanks again.”


“Was very helpful, and attentive to all my requests. A good partner to work with if you have a set plan of action. “


“Great Job guys! thank you”


Mr. Amro is great to work with! He is a highly skilled marketer with a wealth of knowledge. His professionalism and communication are top-notch! I greatly enjoyed working with him and learned much from him during our time together! I couldn’t recommend Amro more. He’s super quick to respond, offered some fantastic insight above and beyond the initial job concept, and created an amazing marketing strategy with a great lead cost–and ideas on how to get that cost down even further. I look forward to a long relationship with him.”

“Great effort given for the project”


Working with Amro and his team was a great experience! Will definitely hire him again!

our history

Incorporation of B-Hanafy-Ltd (LL15052) in Labuan Federal Territory- Malaysia. Initially, as a real estate digital marketing services company.  Only one accountant was employed.


Staffing of our core operation team of 35 SEO professionals in India.

APRIL 2019

Our first real estate HAPPY client!! Hooray.


Incorporation of EMULTIFY Ltd, Turkey. Now we have more than fifty professionals in 4 continents.


COVID-19 strikes the business world. Our Risk Management Team is fighting an unexpected global disaster.


We Have WON the battle. Thanks LORD. With the support of our trusting clients, we did it.