How To Master Influencer Marketing On YouTube In 3 Days.

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how to master influencer marketing On YouTube

When it comes to selling yourself as a business, your marketing strategy needs to be something that takes advantage of all the opportunities out there right now.

The internet is a powerhouse when it comes to advertising and marketing opportunities, and one area that’s growing significantly is the influencer marketing industry.

It’s part and parcel of pretty much all social media platforms where you’ll have hundreds and thousands of influencers that are dominating that particular platform or have found success on multiple ones.

Utilizing Influencer Marketing On YouTube

…Our average attention span is around 8 seconds long, and so it’s important that as a business, you’re not only capturing your customer’s attention but that you’re also keeping them engaged.

Whether you’re looking at driving traffic to a website or asking to promote a particular product or service, influencers have become a popular source of promotion for businesses to take advantage of.

By using influencer marketing, you could be improving your sales strategies and ultimately making more sales as a business.

But why YouTube? Visual content is something that most of us enjoy, and that’s because our brains are hard-wired to enjoy looking at images and watching visual content play out.

Our average attention span is around 8 seconds long, and so it’s important that as a business, you’re not only capturing your customer’s attention but that you’re also keeping them engaged. And as much as text can be informative, too much of it can be a bad thing for our attention span.

However, with visual images and content, we’re much more likely to remain engaged with it.

So why use influencers on YouTube? Influencers have specifically built up a following, and for the most part, it will often be a particular demographic.

That means that if you’re a real estate business looking for customers within a certain area, like the UK, for instance, you’re probably going to benefit from an influencer who has a predominately British audience as opposed to a predominately American audience.

The more specific you can get with your target audience, the more data you have to go with when it comes to matching yourself with the right influencer(s).

How YouTube Influencer Marketing Works So Well

When it comes to general influencer marketing, it’s something that you can spread across multiple platforms, depending on what it is you’re trying to achieve.

With YouTube influencer marketing, though, you have the ability to both educate your consumers about the brand itself whilst also helping bring in more customers at the same time.

A lot of the followers for an influencer will trust whatever they say, and for some, all it takes is the influencer showing the product or service within the video for it to be successful. 

As mentioned in this article, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. YouTube influencers are simply pushing that product or service past the consideration stage of the customer and into their baskets to check out.

What was also mentioned in that article above was that many are even following the advice of influencers over celebrities. By picking the right YouTube influencer, you are likely increasing the number of conversions between a lead and a sale.

Examples Of Successful Youtube Influencer Marketing

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to spending your money as a business, and so it’s worth showing you a few examples of how YouTube influencer marketing has been highly successful in the past.

It’s something that works well across multiple industries and so here are a couple of examples of successful youtube influencer marketing campaigns.

Marriott, the popular hotel chain company was one of the first tourism brands to work with influencers and did so with Jeana Smith. Owner of PrankVsPrank on Youtube, the purpose of the video was to help celebrate one million check-ins done via the Marriott app.

The video itself has managed to achieve nearly 4 million views, and what worked well was that Jeana was given more creative control over the content to make it less like an advertisement and something that would be more suitable for her following.

By embracing that influencer’s own creativity, it reached millions of viewers across the world. You can check out the content here.

The automobile manufacturer worked with three influencers to advertise the brand’s cars and to represent them in a way that would associate the cars with adventure.

It was most successful with stuntman Devin Graham who took things to the extreme and filmed himself with his friends, skydiving off a cliff using a slip in slide. What made this so successful is that the YouTuber was doing something that related to his channel and that his audience would have therefore watched.

If it had simply been him talking to a camera about the brand, then it would likely have lost the audience’s attention. Instead, he used what his platform was about, which in its essence was surrounded with adventure and therefore aligning with the brand’s intention. You can check out the content here.

Identifying And Pitching YouTube Influencers

When it comes to influencer marketing, you want to make sure you’re identifying and pitching to the right YouTube influencer.

If you’re not going to put in the effort when it comes to looking at individual influencers and finding out your closest matches in terms of personality, values, and audience, then there’s a chance that this sponsorship could flop.

So when it comes to identifying and picking the right one, here’s the checklist to do it right.

The examples above have proved that it’s all about selecting the right influencers for your campaign or that to align close enough with your brand. If your brand is a tourism agency, then you might want to go with a travel influencer.

Just because the influencer matches your genre, it doesn’t mean that they’re the right pick. Data and metrics of the influencer’s reach and the audience is important information to have to make an informed decision on where they’re right or not.

Many influencers that have a big following, will often have an agency, so this would be your first port of call. Make sure you follow up after a couple of days after your first email as they’re likely to be receiving multiple offers.

If you get the right influencers and the right concept, you are sure to make your next digital marketing campaign a huge success.

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